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What to Look for Your New Wine Chiller

Are you looking for the best wine storage & wine cellar fridge? If you were a first time buyer, then you may want to check out the guide that will help you choose from a wide range of options for you. Read on and learn how to find the best wine chiller on the market.

How to Find A Wine Chiller Singapore

A wine refrigerator can keep wine fresh and full flavored, especially if you are looking to keep a few of them for a year or two. On the other hand, if you are collecting wine and you are storing many of them, then you should check out for more features of a wine cellar or a wine cooler.

Some things to remember is to find the one that comes with better insulation and can be able to maintain up to 55 degrees in Fahrenheit temperature. It should also be able to keep up to 70 percent in terms of humidity level, an ideal one for storing and keeping wine.

You should take note that a wine fridge should possess an appropriate temperature as well as humidity levels. If not, the corks may dry out (too low) and some organisms, including molds will start to accumulate.

A Checklist for Wine Storage & Wine Cellar Fridge

  1. Determine how many bottles of wine you plan to store or keep in your fridge. This will help you find the right fridge size to buy. You may also want to buy a bigger wine cooler if you are planning to grow your collection.

In addition, take note that many of the makers of wine cooler use the size of Bordeaux bottles. This will help you find out how many would fit in the unit. On the other hand, you should also know that bottles of champagne and burgundy might take up a bigger space since they also come with larger bottle sizes.

  1. You may want to find a cooler that has an aluminum interior that can conduct better temperature as compared to those made with a plastic interior, the less expensive models and types. More so, find the one with a pebbled lining and texture because they can keep better humidity in the unit.
  2. Consider the shelving of the unit. You should check on this to before buying a wine fridge, as many of them can be made with chrome-wire shelves. On the other hand, the more expensive brands and models come with tougher wood-framed wire grids and wood racks. You may want to find a unit that comes with shelves that can be rolled out, helping you check and read the labels as well as remove the wine bottles or rearrange them. Before buying, test out how the shelves glide.

The size, capacity and shelving space are few of the pointers to consider when buying your first wine fridge, so do not miss them if you want to make a worthwhile investment to depend on for many years.